Board Report: February

On Tuesday, February 14, the Conestoga Board of Education held their monthly meeting. Allson Welch, Candace Kelley, Tracy Priefert, Jeremy Stone, Seth Arens and student member Jayden S were present. Greg Page was absent.

First the board saw a presentation from the junior high math teacher, Sarah Dewhispelare. Dewispelare, with the help of several students, demonstrated some fun and engaging teaching tools that she uses for reviews. She will present some of them at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) conference on March 16 and 17.

Student member Jayden S gave a report on some legislation currently in the Nebraska Legislature that had the ability to impact schools, such as proposed changes to how farmland will be taxed.

The board then moved on to the consent agenda. It included approval of the agenda for the February meeting, the minutes of the January meeting, claims for the general fund, payroll, the lunch fund and the special building fund. It was approved unanimously.

There was one discussion item. The board members suggested members of the community that they believed would be appropriate additions to the foundation board. They then voted and selected the two candidates.

Of note from the administration’s reports, Rob Geise, principal of the Jr/Sr High School stated that a night custodian has been found.

Following the conclusion of administrative reports, the board moved on to the action items. These items were approved unanimously and included the approval of the 2023-24 school calendar unanimously, the approval of the teacher contract for high school science teacher Steven Vecchio, the approval administrative pay packages, the approval of the resignations of Kyleigh Lewis and Sean Trampe and the approval of the formerly agreed upon additions to the foundation board.

The meeting adjourned at 6:03 p.m.