Going Sicko Mode for the Travis Scott Meal

Artist Travis Scott, McDonald’s partner with new menu item: The Travis Scott Meal.


Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

Rapper Travis Scott released his McDonald’s menu item, “The Travis Scott Meal”, on September 8th.

If you’ve been on any social media platform recently, it’s likely you’ve heard about “The Travis Scott Meal”. Rapper/influencer Travis Scott continues his ongoing list of endorsements including: Nike, Reese’s Puffs, Fortnite, and his self-created Astroworld/Cactus Jack brand in his latest collaboration with McDonald’s.

Scott will become the first person to have a signature meal with McDonald’s since Michael Jordan in 1992. While Travis Scott’s meal is just a simple Quarter-Pounder with bacon, fries, Sprite, and his signature sauce, there’s been no lack of interest in the meal from people all over the country.

When McDonald’s released the Travis Scott Meal on September 8, they probably didn’t anticipate the amount of craziness that would ensue. Following the news of the Travis Scott Meal debut, apps like Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Twitter were flooded with videos of fans reacting to Scott’s latest collaboration. McDonald’s drive-thrus all over the nation were overflowing with people screaming “Cactus Jack sent me!” or blaring Scott’s #1 Billboard song, Sicko Mode.

Though the collaboration was most likely intended to draw in a younger crowd, it’s been the headline of multiple big news corporations. The “Travy Patty” became a main headline on larger news sources, such as CNN, CNBC, and the New York Times.

Even though the meal is mostly known as being an overnight meme, the business side of the Travis Scott and McDonald’s collaboration should not be overlooked. The meal produced a “significant boost” to McDonald’s sales, according to UBS.

Along with the Travis Scott meal, Scott and McDonald’s also came together on their latest “Cactus Jack” merchandise. The merchandise consists of t-shirts, shorts, handbags, and basically any other clothing item you could think of. Almost every item of that merchandise sold out in just under a day. While McDonald’s has had its fair share of marketing strategies, it’s unlikely that there’s been one as big as the Travis Scott Meal.

With the constant demand for the Travis Scott Meal, McDonald’s restaurants all over the country began experiencing shortages in supplies. Quarter pounder patties were hard to come by after such an explosion of sales. McDonald’s stated that the meal was in much higher demand than they had expected.

According to CNBC, the Travis Scott Meal has contributed to McDonald’s stock raising almost 14 percent in 2020 from previous years. Business is booming for McDonald’s, and they can thank Travis Scott for that.

The McDonald’s Travis Scott Meal is exactly what both Scott and McDonald’s needed. Everything that has happened from The Meal is about what anyone could have expected in 2020. We’re living in a crazy world right now, but if there’s one thing that brings our country together, it’s quarter pounders. And who knew that if you slapped some bacon on a quarter pounder and named it after a famous rapper you’d rake in loads of cash? McDonald’s did.