CAT Time, Totally What Students Need


Danie Parriott

Students in Mr. Theis’s class work to complete their assignments on time. Students who fall behind with their work may be referred to CAT in order to get caught up and ensure academic success.

Stephanie Poirier

Murray, NE.- “CAT”, the wonderful term coined by Conestoga, stands for “Cougar Academic Time.” CAT is a time for students to catch up on schoolwork. CAT is not for every student, however, it is only for those who have two or more missing assignments. CAT is also a time for students to ask questions about anything they don’t understand and get their work done. It takes place during the students’ lunch period and their Cougar Connections period. CAT time is Tuesday-Thursday, with a regularly scheduled day on Friday. Many students will tell you that CAT time doesn’t help them or that it’s just a waste of time, but for some students, CAT time is exactly what they need. 

Some students do not have time at home or after school to get their work done because of extra-curricular activities, jobs after school, or different circumstances within households. CAT time gives students about 45 minutes to go see teachers that aren’t busy, ask for help on any assignments, or just complete and turn in their missing work. It provides an environment for students to just focus solely on succeeding in school. 

A lot of kids in CAT say it’s not helping them at all,  and it’s just damaging their “social life”. Some say that the teachers are confusing them more, and their homework doesn’t make any sense. Some also say that it’s just the school’s way of “punishing” them for not doing well enough in school. 

Some students who don’t use the time to their advantage do not get their work done in CAT, and many don’t bother to ask questions. The issue is they don’t ask for help or really even try to finish their work. There is always a teacher in the room during CAT time who is there to answer questions for the students’ benefit. 

The school does not have to provide this time for students, and it’s not mandatory for teachers to help. They are giving up their time for the benefit of the students. They could be in their own classrooms, getting ready for their next class, or just enjoying their lunch break. Instead, they are taking their time to make sure students are caught up and are prepared to succeed. 

The most important thing about CAT is that the teachers are showing students the respect, and are willing to help them find success. The teachers should not be yelled at or degraded and then expected to turn around and help students with their work. Respect should not be given out freely, it should be earned.

CAT teaches students to use their time wisely and teaches them an important lesson about respect and should continue to be a useful tool to students for years to come. If you find yourself on the CAT list, make use of your time and be grateful for the help offered by the school. Your success is up to you!