Classmates Share a Love of Music, Pursue Their Dreams Along the Way

Lucas Michel

Murray NEB.- With a life as hectic as today’s teens, many students like to have something to resort to while they’re buried in the burdens of their everyday lives. For senior Levi Bell and sophomore Ethan Williams, music has been something that they’ve pursued throughout their entire lives in order to express themselves; an escape, if you will.

“It started about two years ago,” Williams said. “My stepdad is an audio engineer so I was already kind of interested in (music). And then about two years ago I got this game on VR and it had this really cool music, but I didn’t know what kind of music it was, but I really liked it. It turns out it was like house music and trap, so I wanted to make that kind of music. I make EDM (Electronic Dance Music), but there’s a lot of subgenres and EDM is a pretty broad category. ”

Senior Levi Bell is seen (above) rocking out at
halftime of a Conestoga football game. (Olivia Priefert)

Fellow classmate and musical partner, Levi Bell, is also very adamant about his music and the impact digital technology has had on him.

“I started playing guitar when I was like nine, but I wasn’t really playing it and recording it until later on,” Bell said. “I first started (electronic) music when I was like 12. When I first started I just had an iPad and I basically just downloaded every app I could to try to make electronic music. Now my music is more live, instrumental, and singing-songwriting type thing.”

Both Williams and Bell have a similar style of music that they create, so it’s only fitting that the two use each other as not only competitors, but also allies to better their musical talents.

“Levi, or ‘Levee’ (Bell’s artist name), definitely supports me and works with me,” Williams said. “I also have a friend out in Los Angeles, Castello. We’re actually working on something right now. I’d say those two are some of my biggest inspirations.”

Levi had a similar response: “Well I work with Ethan. Influencers for me are probably Daft Punk. I like a lot of one band things; Tame Impala and stuff.”

Williams, who performs under the stage name DT2X, or “Detox”, even has interests from producers, and EDM music makers in the industry

“On the label I’m going to release called ‘Confession Label’, there’s a couple of artists on there that support me,” Williams stated. “They play my music in their live streams and such. Castello also helps me with that.”

Just a glimpse of Ethan Williams’ set-up (Ethan Williams)While Ethan is pursuing his career as a DJ, and Levi is looking to continue expressing himself through his electronic work, both do what they do, not only because they’re quite good at doing it, but because it’s what they love to do.

“Music is definitely what I want to pursue in the future,” says Bell with a look of confidence.

Williams agreed with what Bell said, and he also added on to what he wants his music to truly mean.

“I don’t care about the money,” says Williams. “I just really want to do what I enjoy doing and make people happy with what I’m doing.”

“I find it important because I just feel like everyone has a unique voice that they share differently,” Bell added. “(Music) is my personal way of sharing it. I’m kind of a quiet person without music, so it’s kind of like my go-to way. It’s also a great way to just make an artistic thing and be a part of something cool.”