Conestoga Students Fill Their Life Outside of School With Jobs, Competitions

Conestoga Students Fill Their Life Outside of School With Jobs, Competitions

Jagger Plevel

Murray NEB.-Inside and outside of school, Conestoga students work hard. Many students within Conestoga have many large responsibilities such as a job.

Sophomore Scott Default works at Husker Paintball. Scott’s responsibilities at his job are a wide range of tasks. Some of these tasks are reffing games, field upkeep and equipment maintenance.

When asked, “Why do you like your job?” Scott said: “I like my job because my boss has flexible hours and I get paid the day of. It’s also fun cause I can get free games for the boys and they have some dope events.” Scott also added, “I only have to work 4-8 hours and go home with that bank.”

Scott works in the spring and summer.

Ethan Avidano, a sophomore at Conestoga, works for Leppie Lawns. Ethan’s duties include mowing yards, weed eating the edges of the houses and blowing off driveways.

Ethan primarily works in the summer and is available whenever his boss needs him. Besides working hard, Ethan also has fun on the job.

“I love working outside and getting that vitamin C,” Ethan said.

Haven Zimmerman a Conestoga sophomore works as an online shopper for Hyvee. Haven’s task is to gather items around the store purchased by online shoppers. Haven will then deliver them to the customer’s car.

This method of shopping has become very popular due to COVID-19. Haven said that her favorite part of the job is getting paid.

When Haven was asked about her work schedule she said, “ I didn’t work during the winter season but during the fall I only worked the weekends.” She then added, “I couldn’t work anymore than 5 hours a day and I could only work the weekends because I started working when I was 15.”