Conestoga Pink Out Volleyball Game

MURRAY, Neb. – On Thursday, Oct. 21 the Cougar volleyball team played their last home game. Many students and fans came decked out in all pink for the pink out theme. The Cougar Mania/student section cheered on the players as they played their hearts out.

The varsity game was held at 7 p.m. in the gym. Before the game started, all players were given a small pink volleyball. They were recognized over the microphone and when their name was called they got to give their volleyball to someone in the crowd such as a parent, friend, grandparent, etc. Even though the Cougars couldn’t pull out the win, they sure did play their hardest.

Sophomore Raquel H. said, “I think we had a great season! We have won more games than Conestoga has in past years, and I cannot wait to see the improvements our team will make in the future.” She also stated, “My favorite part about volleyball was the games and developing new relationships with teammates. I also love all the support from everyone and playing for them at home games.” The Cougar Mania organized themes for each home game this season to make the games more interesting for the players and audience. Overall, the team had a very good season and support through it all.