Summer Bucket List

MURRAY, Neb – Summer is just around the corner with school ending so it is time to prepare. This is the time to spend with friends and family, while relaxing away from all the stress of assignments and deadlines. However, sometimes it can be easy to get bored when you are just sitting in your room doing nothing. Here are some bucket list items that you should try to do this summer to prevent the usual boredom:

Go Swimming: All around Nebraska, there are indoor/outdoor pools, house pools, and lakes to go swim at. Go swimming with some friends and bring some snacks to make it all more enjoyable. If you live by a lake and want some adrenaline rush, you can always go for a quick jump in the lake. It might be cold at first, but you’ll adjust.

Go Hiking: There are different hiking trails and parks around to go take a hike. Platte River State Park has an amazing trail to go walk around and view nature. Taking hikes can be done alone or with friends or family. It allows for you to explore nature and connect with the outdoors, while relaxing in the peacefulness of nature.

Try a New Food: Trying new foods and recipes can be fun year round, but sometimes the schedule doesn’t allow the time for it. However, summer is the perfect time to try new things, I mean you have the time for it. This gives a way to expand your palette and experiment with new tastes. Try it with your family or maybe your friends to see what they all think as well.

Attend a Parade: In town, there are a few parades throughout the summer. Murray has the 4th of July parade, along with the parade during the Plattsmouth Carnival. There is also the parade during the Cass County Fair. There are other parades, carnivals, and festivals around to go check out during the summer. These are fun to go see everyone you know and see all the floats and decorations.

Take a Road Trip: A road trip is a great way to clear the mind and see new places. As they say, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” A road trip is the perfect way to find new experiences and see all sorts of things you may never have seen before. Family road trips are a fantastic way to promote family bonding and with friends too.

Bonfire with Friends: Many people love a good ol’ campfire with some smores. It is a great way to enjoy summer with friends. Tell new stories, experiences, and as always, new drama. Friends bring out the best in people and make it all the while more fun, so hanging out with them is always going to be a great way to spend summer.

These are only a few items to try and cure the causal case of boredom. It is always fun to go out and do new things, so make this the summer to do more.