You Don’t Know Us – One Act

Many have seen them in action but what really goes on behind the curtain?


Brent Hardin

The cast of Conestoga’s one-act “No Problem” pose following a performance. Extracurricular activities, like one-act, give students opportunities to grow in their skills and relationships while in high school.

Ella Lewis

Murray, Neb.- Conestoga’s One Act team works endlessly throughout the season with practices happening usually every week night from 6:30-8:30. We know that they put in the work at practice to perfect their play and make it performance ready, but what else really goes on behind the scenes?

One Act members, like any other kids, love having fun. Like with any other activity, attitude is an important aspect of making their show performance ready and try to remain positive even in the face of adversity. They know that mistakes are inevitable, and when they mess up at practice they laugh it off and keep going. 

Sophomore Ella Lewis (a lead in this year’s One Act play) states “People act like they don’t really care about us.” Students that go to Conestoga don’t really know about one act; it’s just a side activity that happens at the school but is never advertised. Yes, students do appreciate the One Act members and care what they do but they never come out and support the team as a whole because no one ever hears about them.

Sophomore Jagger Plevel says that “It’s really cool to see people from all over the school come together and create something as one.” One of the things that makes One Act stand out is the diversity within it.

The students in one act are all so different. Members participate in a variety of activities such as wrestling, cheer, volleyball, FBLA, speech, and band. One Act is about kids from all over the school coming together to create one thing that everyone can enjoy. 

“I never even talked to some of these people before this year,” Lewis said. People that she has never spoken to before in One Act are now some of Lewis’s best friends. “It’s an awesome thing that I did not expect to happen,” says Lewis.

One Act is something that brings people from all different activities and social groups together. Kids in One Act learn how to have fun and make friends while still being productive, which is a skill that will benefit them in life. The positive atmosphere in One Act of bringing people together is something that our school needs and appreciates very much, even if they don’t realize it.