Shuttering Sherbert Scandal

Is some of it being savored?

Magnificent blue and yellow frozen juice cup in all its glory

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Magnificent blue and yellow frozen juice cup in all its glory

Murray NEB.-Usually once or twice a week, we get the frozen sherbert in our everyday school lunches. There’s the red and yellow sherbert and the red and green one, but no one really likes those, they are the things people will take but never really enjoy. Then there is the blue and yellow sherbert, the glorious most mesmerizing part of a normal school lunch. But why is it that we never get that kind?

Only once in a while do we all get the blue and yellow sherbert all together, and on other days when we get this treat it’s never the kind we all like, so are they hoarding it?

Mr. Ahrens walked out with a blue and yellow sherbert on a red and yellow day, the students asked him where he got it and he said “I have my ways.” This proves that the blue and yellow sherbert is always in the back; they just choose who to give it to.

Blue and yellow sherbert needs to stay around and the others need to go away, if they have the blue and yellow stuff why not give it to the students instead of keeping it for the teachers. If this continues we will need a blue and yellow boycott.