Too Much Work at the End of the Year?

Are Students Being Overwhelmed by Finals?


Pha Nguyen

Art of stressed student overwhelmed by finals

Murray NEB.-At the end of the school year many teachers like to give final projects and assignments, but when it’s in every class it’s a lot to take in. Many students are overwhelmed with their work. Even when they work on it outside of school, there is just never enough time. So why do the final projects when it gives students so much stress knowing that they won’t be able to finish it.

Yes, I understand that final projects are the last big grade, but during the year, they all happen at different times. At the end of the year, it is all at once, and it is a lot of pressure on each individual. If there was a way to spread things out more at the end of the year, that would be very beneficial and less stressful for all.

If there was a way to do final projects more spread out, we should take that initiative. Maybe two a week instead of all ten. Stress is something all high school students and teachers deal with, but maybe there is a way to destress more by spreading everything out.