Science Stalwart Steps Away

Beloved Teacher Retires After Decades-Long Career

Mr. Greg Huskey

Mr. Greg Huskey

Murray, NE–The 2020-21 school year marks the end of an era. Beloved science teacher Mr. Greg Huskey is retiring at the conclusion of the school year. Huskey has taught and positively influenced countless Conestoga students over his decades-long career.

During his tenure, Huskey has taught a variety of science subjects, including chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, advanced biology and astronomy. His wealth of knowledge has helped inspire and prepare students for life outside of high school. Many students have enjoyed class projects like bridge building and creating roller coasters over the years.

Mr. Huskey looks on as a student weighs his bridge project before testing.

Junior Lindee Watson says her favorite part of Huskey’s class was “…hearing his sly science jokes that not everyone always caught, including myself. They always made me-and everyone else-have a better day.” Watson also says she appreciates how understanding Mr. Huskey is. “He always levels with us as students, and gives real effort to listen to the students. Even when we could not understand a basic question, he would always take the time to break it down.”

“My favorite part about Mr. Huskey’s class was how much he allowed us to work in groups. Working in groups is a really fun and efficient way to get classwork done,” said junior Mati Steckler. “I will miss his positive attitude. He was always very supportive and I enjoyed learning from him.”

Mr. Huskey not only has taught but while his time he has coached volleyball and track and field. In addition, he has taken book for the varsity basketball and volleyball teams.

Watson said her favorite memory “…would have to be seeing him walk into the gym with his referee jersey on. He always came and supported our sports teams. We always had a fan to count on.” She adds that Huskey was also great to work with when it comes to activities. “He understands that his students have a lot going on, and always was flexible in helping students catch up.”

It is with much sadness that the students and staff at Conestoga bid Mr. Huskey farewell. We will always appreciate your wise advice and years of service to the school.

Thank you, Mr. Huskey, and enjoy retirement!