Halloween Traditions

How Do You Like to Spend the Halloween Season?

Murray, NEB- Most families have holiday traditions. When I say this, most people would probably think of either Christmas or maybe even Thanksgiving. However, I’m here to break down some of the traditions that come with Halloween. I can bet you there are probably a bit more than you were anticipating!

In the general area of Conestoga, a lot of people come from Beaver Lake, so they take the liberty of going down to the small town of Murray to trick-or-treat. However, some people enjoy going to Plattsmouth and trick-or-treating on the most famous Halloween street in town there is, James St. Murray and Plattsmouth are full of people every year, knocking at the doors of those who are supposed to grant them candy. So, I hope to never see the day where no one is trick-or-treating anymore because they think they are “too cool” for trick-or-treating and dressing up, because these are one of the key ingredients to make Halloween, and one of the most important holiday traditions that cannot be beat!

This year in Beaver Lake and at the Conestoga Elementary School, they are holding their annual “Trunk-or-Treat!” If you are unaware with what a trunk-or-treat is, it is the same action as your basic trick-or-treating, but instead you are going around, usually in a parking lot, to a bunch of other people’s trunks that are open with them waiting for people to ask them “trick-or-treat,” and receive candy from them. Just the same way trick-or treating is. The Beaver Lake Trunk-or-Treat happens to fall on Saturday Oct. 23 this year, from 5pm to 7pm. Also, the Conestoga Elementary School Trunk-or-Treat occurs on Wednesday Oct. 27, also from 5pm to 7pm. Another activity people enjoy participating in leading up to the day of Halloween is carving pumpkins. Out of pumpkins, you can make all sorts of different patterns and art, and once you are finished, you could put a light inside of it, and turn it into a classic “Jack-O’-Lantern.” Even visiting pumpkin patches and haunted houses are a very big Halloween tradition for many people.

Lastly, people love to share their ghost stories. During the Halloween season, people love to confide with people about the different witches, wizards, goblins, and ghosts they see. Some people believe these stories, and others do not. People are also spooked out by the different Halloween superstitions, such as seeing a black cat. Others say they’ve seen a ghost. Leading up to Halloween, some people also love to watch scary horror movies, and others despise watching them. Not everything can strike your interest. Unless you really don’t want to be scared, then I recommend watching some good old horror movies!

I hope that maybe as you read this article, you have learned a little more about these different and fun Halloween traditions. Maybe you have even gained a new tradition that you want to try out this year. Whatever you do, make sure you do it by Oct. 31, because that is truly the “dead”line for these spooky traditions!