Uniforms Are Not Just What You Wear

Conestoga Cheer Team to Receive New Uniforms


Varsity Spirit

Design for new Conestoga cheerleader uniforms

Murray NEB.-The 2021-2022 Conestoga Cheer team has been established. The team grew this year and the team now consists of 16 girls. three Seniors, eight Juniors, two Sophomores, and three Freshmen.
This team grew four more spots this year because that is just how much these girls love this school and have school spirit. For the past four years these girls have been rocking the same uniforms, so this year the team decided to change it up. It’s new uniform time!

Getting new uniforms is not just about the look of the team. Putting on the uniform makes you a role model for younger kids. Speaking as a cheerleader myself, seeing smiles on little girls faces and little boys waving and trying to get our attention really means something to us. It’s the small things like when a little girl comes up to you and asks you for help, or when they ask if you could sit by them. It makes us happy to know that we can be role models.

So by getting new uniforms it’s not just stepping into a new skirt, it’s stepping into the role of a cheerleader. Stepping into the role of being a positive role model and always having a good attitude even on your worst days. It’s being a good person and having a smile on your face. It’s being a Conestoga cheerleader.