The Amazing Mrs. McDonnell

MURRAY, Neb. — It’s crazy how one human being can do so much for us. Mrs. McDonnell has been our custodian for years. She has always taken the best care of our school. She does so many things throughout school hours that she, herself, can’t always keep up with it.

She had an incident with her leg and still went out to help the mess we made. She has plenty of jobs that she does around the school. She watches the bus in the mornings, she cleans tables after lunch, she picks up the mess around classrooms or anywhere in general, she cleans the bathrooms, she solves any problems with the bathrooms like plumbing issues, she also vacuums all hallways and classrooms. Anywhere there’s a mess she comes around to clean it up.

As staff and students of this school district we have to appreciate the staff we have in general because some of them have hard times throughout their personal life but still have a way and energy to help out either cleaning our mess or teaching us or making food so we can eat. Mrs. McDonnell is really a great example of an amazing human being because of everything she’s done.

We want to give an appreciation and an applause for Mrs. McDonnell who has supported us all of those years picking up after us. And not just at school, also at school events she cleans the messes . We really appreciate everything this woman has done over the years, so if you see her give her a compliment and tell her thank you because that is something she deserves to hear from us Cougars.