Covid Catastrophe

Schools Around the World Continue to Battle Covid-19

MURRAY, NE-Schools all over America have been struggling during the year because of the recent virus outbreak. Conestoga High is one of them, and students and staff are trying their best to stay in the building.

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to worsen. Cases have shot up to over 150,000 new cases a day in America. These new cases have affected schools greatly. For example, cheerleaders, the dance team, and the pep band are no longer allowed to perform at games. There are significant limitations to how many spectators are allowed to come and watch events at the school. This also affects activities, such as one-act, music and speech.

Most students at Conestoga have been learning in-person, but there are still students who are learning remotely. However, due to the recent bus situation, in which buses are no longer in use until after thanksgiving break, students who can not find a ride to school are temporarily learning remotely.

“It is very hard to quarantine,” says Stephanie Poirier, a student forced to learn remotely because of the bus situation. “Sometimes you have technology issues and can’t fix them from home, or zoom doesn’t work and you miss out on class.”

Rumors have been spreading around the community that schools will soon need to shut down and take another scary leap into e-learning. However, students are remaining calm and continuing to try their best in the beloved school.