Insanity in the Capital

Chaos Ensues as Rioters Storm Capitol Building


Samuel Corum - Getty Images

Trump supporters outside the Capitol building about to break in.

Washington, D.C.–Americans have been left flabbergasted after the violence that occured in the capitol yesterday. January 6 was meant to be the day when the electoral college votes were officially counted, but a mob of angry Trump supporters has forever impacted the way that we will look back on it. After being urged by President Trump to “march on the capital,” they congregated outside the capitol building before storming inside.

Footage shows rioters smashing in windows as well as chasing law enforcement who were tasked with protecting the building and the congress members inside. Other photos depict a man sitting behind Nancy Pelosi’s desk and another who sat on the seat of the speaker of the House, before falsely declaring that Trump had won the election. Even more show these anarchists waving Trump flags.

Four rioters have been left dead after the attack. One of them having been shot, and the other three passing away from injuries later. Multiple police officers on duty at the time have also been hospitalized for injuries sustained while holding back the crowd.

President-elect Biden cas condemned the storming of the capitol, saying that “This is not a protest. This is an insurrection.” He called on President Trump to go on national television and “End this siege.” Trump posted a one minute video on twitter later in the day where he again falsely claimed that he had won the election in a landslide. He also praised the rioters saying that “We love you” and “You are very special” before telling them to “Go home.” This video only came after a day full of his fellow republicans, including those who are typically his strongest supporters practically begging him to tell the rioters to leave.

Many were shocked at President Trump’s seeming indifference towards the situation in the very building of Congress itself. Several higher up officials in the Trump circle have resigned or threatened to resign in protest. There has also been talk of invoking the 25th amendment where members of his cabinet and the Vice-President would be able to deem him unfit for office, making Mike Pence president. If Trump fought this then it would go to Congress, but with less than two weeks left in his term it is unlikely that he would achieve success in time. There have also been more calls for another impeachment from the left.

Congress reconvened later that night to confirm the electoral votes. Many of the Republicans who were calling for results to be overturned rescinded their requests after the violence that had occurred. High profile senators such as Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell urged people to accept the election results. Graham saying that he hated that it ended this way but that it was over.

Members of Congress on both sides condemned the actions of those who forced their way into the capitol building. Pence seemed to break from Trump and said that “Peaceful protest is the right of every American but this attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The attack seemed to unify the members of the government. Their calls for peace spread across party lines. In the midst of this outrage, for at least one day we crossed the partisan divide and were able to work together. We can only hope that this togetherness can last.