Logic1000’s ‘You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go’ Makes Me Feel Like I Have No Life Left to Live


Album artwork for Logic 1000’s “You’ve Got the Whole Night To Go”

With Logic1000’s release of their fourth studio EP on January 22, I have now decided that 2021 will not be our year.

As an avid music listener, I used to think that it was very important to explore new options and expand your range of taste. It never hurts to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

These statements are lies that I believed before listening to Logic1000’s fourth EP “You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go”. This album, released on January 22, 2021, is an entirely electronic dance album. Though it only has four songs, lasting 19 minutes altogether, I still feel that years of my life have been taken off just from listening to this compilation of redundant beats and worrisome background chants.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

“You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go” starts off about as bad as you can with the first track, “Like My Way”. The first minute and a half of this song is a redundant, sharp beat that leaves you wondering: “Why am I here, and why was this created?” The song continues out for four minutes of this beat that belongs at a fashion show in the darkest crevices of the earth.

Track two is “I Won’t Forget”. This track has a little bit of an actual catchiness after the first minute of senseless ticks that make me want to never listen to Logic1000 again (I probably won’t). The second half of this song provides at least an actual beat and rhythm, even though it is still extremely redundant and tiring. If you’re into club music, it might be fine at the very most, but I would never in my existence willingly listen to this track again. “I Won’t Forget” sounds like something that would be played in a bad hipster coffee shop. I hope I forget this song forever. (get it?)

With the third track of this EP, we find ourselves at “Medium”. This song is just a little bit more of the same. While it has the most rhythm of the songs so far, it still sounds like it’s trying to hallucinate me, capture my soul, and sell me and my entirety to the devil. Another extremely repetitive, tiring track, it somehow is the best song on the EP if that’s even possible.

Finally, we have arrived at “Her”, the fourth and final track of the EP. This song is another extremely repetitive and boring track, though it actually has a bit of an actual beat and rhythm to it. “Her” is 5:37 seconds of complete nonsense. This track does not make me want to dance. It actually makes me never want to dance again.

All being considered, if you’ve made it this far, God bless you. In all seriousness, I hope that you take some time out of your day to give this project a listen, just so you understand where I’m coming from, and see just how terrible this project really is.