Disney’s “Cars” Really Gets You “Routing” for the Good Guys

In the midst of the biggest snowstorm of the month of January, I found myself at home on a Tuesday with nothing to do but stare blankly at a screen for hours on end. Trying to find the perfect movie to waste your time watching can be quite a tedious feat (which I know from years of experience). I was clicking through the movie categories when my eyes landed on a movie called “Cars.”

I was feeling a bit wary about clicking on it as I am not, and probably never will be, a Disney movie connoisseur. However, I clicked on it anyway.

I sat in bed, not expecting much from a “kid’s movie,” I found myself feeling emotions that this kind of movie should not draw out of someone my age. As I made my way through the first movie, I noticed that I was getting more into it than I would care to admit. I caught myself giggling at the misfortunes of these inanimate objects personified.

One of my first thoughts was that the producers of “Cars” had made their characters way too lovable for my liking and I was ashamed of myself for being so into a movie marketed towards children.

I mean come on, I should not be this emotionally attached to a fictional tow truck named Mater. In spite of the fact that I definitely shouldn’t, I absolutely am.

Before I knew it I had finished the first movie and I knew immediately that I had to finish the story of the uber-famous Lightning McQueen and his gaggle of misfit cars.

Watching the rest of the movies in the “Cars” trilogy was the opposite of painstaking. The plot that ties these movies together, however cliche, is heartwarming and enjoyable. Everyone can enjoy a movie about an arrogant guy who learns to humble himself, or a story about an underdog, or even a story about a truck who gets tricked into being a spy.

Even considering my distaste of Disney movies, my experience with “Cars” was about as good as it gets when it comes to cinematic masterpieces. This trilogy has been popular in the mainstream media for years and, in my opinion, it should stay there.