A Juggling Act

Conestoga Students Balance Involvement in Many Activities


Taylor McClatchey

Junior Lindee Watson shows off her decorated letterman jacket

Conestoga Jr/Sr High School consists of only about 300 students. With about 50 kids per grade, there is a small pool to draw from for sports and other extracurriculars. In addition, not every student is willing or able to participate in an activity, making this pool seem more like a puddle. As the numbers dwindle down-staff, coaches and peers have noticed the apparent need for consistent involvement. To compete with surrounding-and oftentimes larger-schools, Conestoga has worked hard to keep students involved and interested in various extracurriculars. Although it can be a challenge, this small community always manages to yield a strong, athletic, and intelligent crew for whatever the activity may be.

Though there is a downside to having a smaller population of students, there are also many obvious advantages. Most students at Conestoga have been participating in their activities with the same core group for almost their whole life. This offers the chance to build trust, teamwork, and strong bonds with members of their team or club. One example of a family-like bond and impressive record is Conestoga’s five-time state champion dance team.

The Conestoga dance team poses with their state championship hip-hop trophy. This is the team’s fifth championship in the past four years. (Taylor McClatchey)

Sophomore Emory Trofholz, a two year member of the team, says “It’s a selective group. We work really hard all year round to prepare for the state competition, and to be ready to dance on game days in every season. When you’re with these girls for hours a week, you get really, really close.” Trofholz has been dancing since she was young, and not always at Conestoga. Although she has only been at Conestoga for four years, she has made a family out of the team. “Some of the girls have been dancing together at studio dance for years before this so that has brought us even closer. It’s a really cool thing and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

And the bond shows. The team has five state championships under their belt in the last four years, and aren’t showing signs of stopping. Conestoga’s decorated dance team is just one example of close bonds producing amazing results.

Alongside sports, Conestoga supports a myriad of clubs and activities that, although great, can stretch students even thinner. One example of someone who does it all is Junior Lindee Watson. Watson performs quite the juggling act, participating in volleyball, basketball, soccer, FFA, speech, one act, mock trial and Breakfast Club. All year round, this talented junior serves as a leader in all her activities, and has put in more time and effort than anyone can quantify.

“It definitely is a lot to handle. I feel like I’m up at the school more than I’m ever home! But all of it is so important-every one of my activities has taught me different skills, and also has brought me a unique group of people who I’m so glad I’ve gotten to work with,” said Watson. “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The small school environment at Conestoga is an interesting thing. With a small pool to draw from for athletics and clubs, it might seem like they’re at a disadvantage. However, Conestoga has proven that the students they do have are something special. This small school is a community of hardworking students who, together, make a pretty strong family.