There’s No Fear in Cheer

Cheerleaders Make Conestoga History


Sharlyn Deterding

The 2020-21 Conestoga Cheerleaders pose during the Cheer Showcase. The team holds a showcase every year as a last rehearsal before the state contest.

Murray, NEB.–The beginning of the spring sports seasons means the end of the 2020-2021 cheerleading season. The girls ended this year with a bang. They accomplished something they are extremely proud of.

Every year at the end of the cheer season, like many other sports, there is a state contest. On February 20th the cheer team competed in Grand Island against 12 other teams in the non-tumbling category. In past years, this team has never accomplished what they did this year. This year, the team decided to go a whole new route and they chose a new category to participate in. Thank goodness they did too because they did a great job and earned third place in Class C1!

The Conestoga cheer team has never received this high of a rating! Coaches Mae Clausen and Katherine Block helped lead this team, and so did their captains. Senior Jennifer Sedlacek and Junior Hannah Lewien were this year’s 2020-2021-team captains. Sedlacek says, “There is so much potential on this team and I can’t wait to see everyone succeed on the mat and in life, this year ended in a way I would never have expected-so thank you”.

That’s a wrap for this cheer team. These 12 girls made a huge impact on Conestoga, and most still have a few years to make an even bigger one. With a small taste of success, who knows what these girls will accomplish in the future. Bring it on!