When Is It Too Early For Christmas?


Delaney Deterding

Christmas decorations are already up at my home during Thanksgiving!

When Is It Too Early For Christmas? Here’s the simple answer, never.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘what do you mean never?’ I mean, studies show that having Christmas decorations up and around you brings more joy into one’s life, so why take them down?

According to businessinsider.com, studies also show bringing out decorations is nostalgic for many grown adults. So when they were younger and woke up on Christmas morning ecstatic about seeing what old St. Nick left for them under the tree was one of the happiest moments from their childhood.

With that being said, here are my top 5 reasons to celebrate Christmas longer:

Number 1: Jesus is the reason for the season and we do not just celebrate Jesus one day a year, therefore we should keep our decorations up to show him we do not think about him only 3 days out of the year.

Number 2: Eggnog, hot cocoa and hot apple cider are GLORIOUS, so they should be appreciated all year long.

Number 3: Thanksgiving, now I have heard people say you can not celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I would like to remind you that Jesus was was gone for 3 days, and then came back during the Easter season. So why can I not celebrate Christmas, take a 3-day break for Thanksgiving, and then go back to being gleeful and filled with Christmas cheer.

Number 4: Retail stores start putting up Christmas decorations out in October and maybe even before that. Now some say that they put the decorations out for consumers to buy, but perhaps it’s because they need a bit of extra Christmas cheer in their lives.

Number 5: It is my decision to wear whatever I want and choose, so why is it your right to tell me what I can and can not wear? If I want to wear a Christmas sweater in October, what are you going to do? Report me to the police? No, because it does not matter what I wear and when I wear it as long as it makes me happy.

You may not agree with the reasons I have stated, but now take a moment and think, what makes you happy? What makes you want to stop everything you’re doing just so you can do it? What is the one thing in life that just makes you overflow with joy and delightment?

That thing that you are thinking of right now, may be the way someone feels about Christmas. So just think about that. Maybe if you see someone with Christmas decorations up in July and judge them for being too lazy to take them down, they might actually not be lazy. They just need a little bit of extra cheer in their life.