Morgan McAndrew: Wildlife Enthusiast

Murray, NEB.–Morgan McAndrew is a junior at Conestoga High school. She participates in softball, powerlifting, track, and is a three-year member of the dance team. “One word I would use to describe Morgan is dedicated,” said sophomore Jameson Yost. “Morgan works hard in everything she does and you can count on her for anything.” Her dedication and hard working nature makes her an asset to every team she is on. But she is dedicated to more than just her sports and activities, though.

“In my future I plan on doing some sort of work with wildlife, whether that be having a job as a national park ranger or being a game warden. Just something that involves the outdoors,” said McAndrew. Whether she’s camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting, Morgan loves being outside. Ever since she was little she has gone hunting with her dad. “I have gotten the chance to view wildlife in a different way and how to respect it,” she said. Her love of the outdoors and connection with wildlife is part of what makes her unique. Not many 16-year-old girls can say that they want to be a game warden when they grow up. Her parents may have inspired her love for wildlife, but Morgan says that they are not her main role models.

McAndrew’s main role model is her former teammate on the dance team, Mathia Hazlip. “Someone I look up to is Mathia Hazlip, she has always had a close connection with Christ and was always so kind to everyone and I strive to be like that in my life,” said McAndrew. Being kind is something that is very important to McAndrew, and she always tries her hardest to be kind to everyone she interacts with.
Her religion means a lot to her and she often looks to the Bible for guidance. McAndrew says her favorite Bible verse is Psalms 118:, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.” She always tries to be thankful for what she has and that she has the opportunity to do the things she loves and be around her favorite people.

McAndrew is a well-rounded and hard-working student and friend. Her kind and positive attitude makes her an important member of our school and community. No matter what she is doing, she has a positive outlook on it. She never gives up and she pushes through when things get hard. She is a good influence and a good leader for her teammates and peers and she is someone that more people should strive to be like.