The Construction Continues

There has been a change to the roads, and although it is helping, the change isn’t very good for Conestoga students.

Murray, NE- No matter where you are, construction on the roads can be very aggravating, especially when you are in a hurry. Students at Conestoga Jr/Sr High School have been showing up later than usual to their classes due to a reason that has become somewhat of a running joke within the community. The perpetual construction and deconstruction of the Murray bridge that started in August of 2020 has decided to make a comeback.

The construction of the bridge has been a worry for students ever since it began. However, the actual construction isn’t the problem. The bridge has been forced to be a one-lane road due to one half of the bridge being taken off completely. This has caused a temporary stop light to be placed between the bridge and Murray Road.

This light may be looked upon as a good thing, considering the one lane. Although it is keeping everybody safe, it is quite bothersome for Conestoga students. The lights exceed an approximate two minutes before changing. This causes cars to build up a long line at the stop light, also causing more traffic upon the light.

The troublesome light has caused many students annoyance. “It has definitely caused me to take more time out of my morning and get ready earlier. It’s not that big of a deal to wake up 10 minutes earlier, but it’s definitely a nuisance to just sit and wait at the light for 10 minutes,” says Lucas Michel, a junior at Conestoga. Not only has the light been a ‘nuisance’ for these students, but it has also caused some to be late to school. “The light has made me late to school, yes. It was on the first day of it and I didn’t even know that it was going up,” Michel states.

Although the light has caused a moderate amount of tardies and annoyances, it is very understandable why it is there. When the bridge fully opens back up, students will admire the smooth bridge and the bathtub-sized potholes that cease to be a problem. Until then, the light will continue to shine its red, yellow, and green glows as the students learn to adapt to it.