Perilous Prisons

Corrections Officer Take Hostage by inmates at Prison

Murray, NE- As the officer lay on the ground being mocked by the inmates with his arms tied, the eyes of social media were staring. Correctional officers always go to their jobs expecting the worst. Although these heroic souls sacrifice themselves to the system, they are still mocked.

On March 27 of 2021, an Oklahoma correctional officer was held hostage by inmates. The inmates did not only take him hostage, but they also live-streamed the horrendous act. While handing out medication, prisoners overtook the anonymous officer and he was taken hostage on floor 10 in the Oklahoma County Jail. A prisoner took the keys and let out numerous other prisoners on the floor. The inmate was later shot and killed.

Many people are thinking that the poor conditions inside the jail may have caused the outbreak of violence. The inmates on the live video had mentioned numerous things about running water and food. According to, the former inmate and employee that had been interviewed had agreed with the ‘allegations.’ The prison had not only had trouble handing out food at a steady pace, but also had a dangerous ‘lack of staffing.’

The suspected conditions of the Oklahoma County Jail have many people concerned not only for the officers, but also for the inmates.

The lack of timely food and the allegations of running water are serious conditions in which it is understandable why people are upset. People are hoping for a change, and they want that change now.