Frost, Football, and Fifty Percent Capacity: The 3 F’s of the Nebraska Spring Game

With the announcement of 50% capacity at the Nebraska Football Spring game, anticipation grows for fans ready to flood the stands of Memorial Stadium.


Photo from KETV website

Lincoln, NE – 489 days. That’s how long it has been since all fans were allowed inside the gates of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. The spell will be broken on the first of May when the Nebraska Football team will host their annual spring game, allowing 50% capacity.

For all of Husker Nation, this is, without a doubt, one of the biggest break-throughs that the football program has experienced in a while. Nebraska spring athletics, as well as the highly-touted volleyball team, are all rolling right now; the addition of a sea of red has already given university athletics a much needed boost.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic director Bill Moos expressed to Saturday Tradition that the continuation of fans in the stands is something that is very important for both tradition and profits at UNL.

“If we are back to normal next fall, we are back to continuing the sellout streak,” Moos said.

While the Spring Game is a big step towards normalcy, there will still be restrictions made for the fans’ safety. Masks are required at the exhibition, and there will also be alternate-row seating, a precaution that most fans are familiar with.

As of April 5, 24 thousand tickets have been sold for the Spring Game out of the 43 thousand available.

Nowadays, it seems like we talk more about the restrictions and danger of sporting events instead of the actual competition. With all that has happened in the past year from the virus to civil rights protests and the presidential election, it seems like the 2020 Nebraska football season was just lost somewhere along the way. That may also be in part to the Huskers’ underwhelming 3-5 season record.

It should be noted that this year’s Spring Game isn’t just a big deal in terms of the coronavirus, but for Nebraska Football. Scott Frost is entering his fourth season as the coach for the Huskers and him and his troops have everything to prove. This season is perhaps the “make or break” season for Frost, and the spring game would be a great opportunity for Frost to give the fans a glimpse of what they can expect for the upcoming season.

“I just miss the fans. Going through that year with no fans was rough. That’s part of what makes Nebraska special (fans filling the stands). I’m sure as many fans as we have are going to be there,” said Frost. “We’ve just got our fingers crossed that come September we have some home games and we’re able to get a full stadium.”