Seniors Getting Sickly

With summer on the doorstep, COVID isn’t the only sickness affecting seniors

Murray, Ne.- With the fourth quarter in full swing, the impending summer lurking behind the corner is hot on students’ minds. Spring sports have been in action for weeks now, and the excitement from our newly crowned state medalists is dying down. Quarter four has always been a flurry of students trying to make their last quarter of school pass by as quickly as possible.

To seniors, the fourth quarter is full of lasts: last day of school (maybe ever), last soccer game, last track meet, last time sitting at a lunch table with your closest friends. Being a senior is always full of hardships, but this year, without a doubt, has been one of the hardest. COVID has taken away much of what made school fun for seniors. Not getting to see the faces of the people you have known all of your life cannot be easy.

The end of the year means different things to everyone. To sophomores it could mean finally being able to drive, To juniors it could mean the end of their most difficult year of high school. But to seniors, it means something entirely different.

“I will miss some parts of high school, but I am definitely ready to move on,” said senior Olivia Priefert. For some students, ‘senioritis’ is the one of the most prevalent aspects of their lives, second only to COVID. Senioritis has plagued upcoming graduates for years and doesn’t seem to be stopping its spread any time soon.