Taking Tune at DMC

The Conestoga Music Department Impresses With Beautiful Performances at the District Music Contest


John McConnell

Daniel Cutler and Jessica Poirier playing their DMC duet piece “Clarinet Echoes” at the pops concert

Murray, NEB.- On Friday, April 23, the District Music Contest (DMC) was held for Conestoga’s district at the Auburn highschool. With a total of 14 performances, the Conestoga music department had tried their best, and it had shown!

The music department has been working very hard throughout the whole year to accomplish and impress. At every concert, individuals are left with their minds full of music and their mouths hanging open. At DMC, students in the music department are able to showcase their talent. These talents are the beautiful sound of music with choral and instrumental solos and small groups.

The students had been given a rating of a one (superior), a two (excellent), or a three (good) counting up to five. Lower numbers on the scale are the better ratings. No students that had competed had received below a three.

The department came home with three superiors, eight excellents, and three good ratings, making the school very proud. The students that had received a superior rating, with some exceptions, had been given the choice to perform at the next music concert.

After putting in a whole school year of hard work and perseverance, the Conestoga music department had finally come home with a smile on their faces. Each of these students had worked very hard and did not fail to make the school proud.