Homecoming Royalty

A tradition of astonishing seniors representing their school.


Britany Jones

Homecoming court lines up at the pep rally.

Murray, NEB- Movies may make it seem like a fight for higher social status, but Homecoming royalty is much more than that. Lindee Waston, a senior at Conestoga Jr. Sr. High School, says she feels it is an opportunity to represent her school and she is grateful to do so as part of the Homecoming court. The Homecoming court consisted of Mati Steckler, Lindee Watson, Morgan McAndrew, Addison Anderson, Lucas Michel, Keaghon Chini, Ty Fox, and Evan Svanda. The 2021 Homecoming king and queen titles were awarded to Lucas Michel and Addison Andersen. Not only is there Homecoming King and Queen, but also Prince and Princess. This year’s Homecoming Princess was Lindee Watson and she was accompanied by the Prince, Keaghon Chini.

Homecoming Queen, Addison Andersen, is involved in many activities such as Cheer and Volleyball. Andersen says she is honored and she is very happy for all of her classmates and friends who were also a part of the court. She is known to others as delightful and always optimistic. The Homecoming King, Lucas Michel, participates in many sports like Basketball and Baseball. Many people know him as kind and a fun person to be around. Homecoming Princess, Lindee Watson, is involved in many activities and sports such as FBLA, Speech and One Act. Prince, Keaghon Chini, is known for being involved in Wrestling, Football and Band.

All nominations were announced Sept. 12 at the homecoming pep rally. The official results were publicized at the coronation which took place directly after the homecoming football game on Friday, Sept. 17 . For those who did not attend the coronation, the king and queen were also wearing their crowns while attending the Homecoming dance. The decision of who takes the crowns is completely up to students. Students are allowed to vote on which seniors they want to nominate as well as the final choice of king and queen by casting their vote in a Google form. The two students who win King and Queen in the vote should be charismatic, involved and simply kind; we had exactly that this year.