Field Day Festivities

Conestoga High School Participates in Field Day

Murray, NEB- On Friday, May 13, the high schoolers took part in a field day. It was conducted by Conestoga’s leadership class, and there were many activities involved. Games that were played were kickball, mission impossible, relay racing and yard games. The students had a full two hours to play these games, starting at 2pm and going through until the end of the school day.

Each student who chose to participate in this year’s field day festivities, were put into one of four big teams. They rotated with this team throughout the two hours, to each of the four games. From there, divided amongst themselves into smaller teams, if the game called for it. For the yard games, they played tug of war, corn hole, running tic-tac-toe, and ladder ball. They gave the games some pizzazz and the students loved it.

To end off the day, the high schoolers’ had a blast doing a huge water balloon fight. However, for this activity, it was each grade for themselves. The freshmen, sophomores and juniors had a great time during this brawl. The students would like to thank the leadership class for all the hard work they put into this, and are hoping they can do it for years to come!