From School to the Big Screen

Former Nehawka School Used for Film Set, Needs Student Extras

Murray NEB.-Students at Conestoga are being presented with a unique and exciting opportunity over the summer. Over the summer, they will have the chance to be an extra in a film. Filming for an independent movie is taking place at the old Nehawka school building and they are in need of student extras on July 9, 10 and 17.

The person who purchased the Nehawka building has opened it up for filming and theater productions on the stipulation that Conestoga students be given first dibs on any opportunities to serve as extras that arise. This allows them the chance to get some real life acting and filming experiences.

The movie being filmed is a feature film entitled “F”. They are in need of 50-100 extras on July 9 for pep rally and school dance scenes. They are also in need of 10 student extras for July 10 and 17. Some teacher extras are also needed. If you are interested in volunteering to be an extra in this film, you ​​can join the 1 Poe Productions: Extras Facebook group.