Conestoga Residents Vote Against the School Bond by Slight Margin

Murray, NEB.- The first of three major elections this year occurred on Tuesday, May 10 in Nebraska. Cass County residents voted in primaries for statewide offices, county offices, local school boards, Legislative District 2 and various other races. Most crucial to the residents of Conestoga Public Schools is this year’s bond proposal and school board race.

Voters denied the issuing of a school bond for a third time; interestly with the same 13 vote margin against the bond as in 2020. Precinct maps also turned out basically the same. Beaver Lake area precincts, North Rock Bluff & South Rock Bluff, voted for the bond. Nehawka, Union, and Murray precincts all voted against the bond.

Also on the ballot was a crowded school board race where the top six candidates advanced to the November general election. Those candidates were David Duzik, Tracey Priefert, Dawnelle Martin, Anthony Schlichtemeier, Seth Ahrens, and Greg Page. Jon Burggraff and Shane Lorence failed to advance with 283 and 216 votes each.

While Charles W. Herbster won Cass County’s Republican primary for Governor, Jim Pillen won the statewide Republican primary and will advance to face Democratic State Senator Carol Blood in November. Democratic State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks will face Republican State Senator Mike Flood to represent the 1st Congressional District in both June and November. Jeff Fortenberry, who resigned following conviction in federal court, received 18% of the vote in Cass County in the Republican primary for the 1st District. Fortenberry’s resignation came after ballots were printed so he remained an option for voters.

Sarah Slattery will face incumbent Senator Rob Clements for Legislative District 2 which includes all of Cass County and a portion of eastern Lancaster County including part of Lincoln. This race was called prematurely by many for Janet Chung as Cass County was late in reporting results despite Lancaster County reporting early.

Voters will head to the polls again on June 28 for the 1st Congressional District race and again on November 8 for the 2022 general elections.