Dress Up for Your School’s Spirit (Week)

Conestoga 2021 Homecoming Dress Up Week


Ms. Lewis

Students show off their spirt last Wednesday on Hard Rock Day. Dress up days were a big hit leading up to the homecoming weekend.

Murray NEB- Homecoming is a very exciting time for many. One of peoples’ favorite things to do the week leading up to homecoming is, of course, Spirit Week! If you don’t know what Spirit Week is, you are definitely missing out. It is very simple. All week you dress up in super fun costumes and go to pep rallies, to get yourself prepared for the homecoming dance at the end of the week.

Since Conestoga High School’s 2021 homecoming theme is “Las Vegas,” we had some pretty awesome dress up days at the Jr./Sr. high school! Tuesday was Poker Day, a day when you dressed up in your finest poker attire, such as playing cards, queens, kings, jokers, jesters, etc.; or a “poker polo.” Next, Wednesday was Hard Rock Day. This day you were told to dress in a band shirt and look extra cool. Thursday was Night on the Town Day, however, the twist was that you had to dress super fun, yet super nice because picture day happened to fall on this exact day! Lastly, Friday was Cougar Spirit Day! Everyone dressed up in all of their cougar gear, and tried to get on as much maroon and gold as they possibly could! One nice thing about our school district is that they include Conestoga Elementary School in our homecoming Spirit Week festivities as well.

To end the week, all of the cougar fans, a.k.a. the students of Conestoga, got together at the end of the school day for one last pep rally before homecoming. Many activities happened. The cheer squad cheerleading, the dance team dancing, some of the staff and seniors spoke and students played our new school game “Spirit and Sports,” a spinoff of the game “Ships and Sailors.” Finally, to end the pep rally, there was a lip sync battle between several staff members and seniors to the song “Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey. Spirit week was such a fun and unforgettable time of our lives!