Bulletin from the Bathroom

Coming to you live from the Conestoga restroom!


Check out “Toilet Talk” for all your weekly updates.

MURRAY, NEB- A new addition has been added to Conestoga. However, it’s not just your average new touch, like new tables, or new vending machine snacks, but the Conestoga Journalism team is now bringing you school-related updates from the bathroom! Yes, you heard that correctly, a new form of amusement has been added. The new addition flyers are hanging up in the bathroom stalls, for when you’re doing your business, you can be reading our business for your entertainment. These are entitled “Toilet Talk!”

On these new flyers, instead of just school-related news you will be getting some other weekly updates, such as: fun facts, a joke, kindness challenges, lunch menus, the weather, and upcoming events. So, as you may see, it’s various topics that are displayed on the flyers, to give you a vast share of entertainment. Of course, these new school bathroom bulletins will be updated weekly, to make sure everyone knows what is going on throughout the week, and so you and many others can participate in the kindness challenge, and share the weekly joke with others!

We strongly encourage any Conestoga students and staff to go check out these news flyers whenever you may need a bathroom break. We hope you enjoy them, and hope you get the full weekly scoop from now on!