The Annual Fall Concert

The fall concert is revived after two years of being called off.


Emory T

The high school choir shares their talent with the audience.

Murray, NEB- On Oct. 29, Conestoga’s junior high and high school choir sang along with pieces performed by guitar. The whole event lasted around 45 minutes which included three songs by guitar students and three songs each from junior high choir and high school choir.

“When Bidden to Wake or Fair” was the first song performed by all of the guitar students. Then guitar students split into two groups of four to each play a song. Addi A., Ali G., Sydney H. and Tommy K.played “Season of the Witch.” “Monster Mash” was performed by Ethan W., Morgan M., Gabe T. and Lily J.. To truly give off the Halloween spirit, all guitar students decided to dress as if it were the 1970s.

The junior high choir sang “Seize the Day,” “Rainstorm” and “Like a Mighty Stream.” The concert was the first time all of the junior high choir students had performed all together. High school choir performed “Little Beggarman,” “The Pasture” and “Connected.” The choir overall was quite pleased with their performance. Rachel B. said, “My favorite thing about being a part of choir is the people, the people as one is what truly sounds amazing.”

Director Cassi Vallis made sure to tell the crowd how proud she is of all her students for all their hard work and dedication.