Court is Back in Session

Conestoga’s Mock Trial Program Competes in First Competition of the Year

Murray, NEB-After a successful first season last year, Conestoga’s mock trial program, coached by Nick Hegge, Tony Thies, and attorney coach, Larry Welch, is back in action. This time with an even larger program, featuring two teams instead of just one. On Monday, Nov. 1, one of the teams engaged in the very first trial of the season.

Conestoga mock trial’s “Team 1” consists of attorneys Lindee W., John M., and Jack W. It also features members acting in the roles of witnesses. The three prosecution witnesses who competed on Monday were Jagger P., Haven Z., and Bryson B. Johnny W. kept time.

The team was tasked with prosecuting a manslaughter case while opposing school, HTRS, made the case for the defense. In the case in question, a young person is charged in connection with the death of their younger sister, an asthmatic, who died after potentially inhaling a controlled substance while vaping.

Team 1 had the opportunity to conduct the trial in an actual courtroom this year which was a welcome change for them from doing it virtually on Zoom last year.

“I liked it much more.” said Lindee W., a returning attorney from last year. “I felt like I was able to control the room, able to use my abilities like [speaking and performing] more.”

They were not able to come away with a win from the performance judges who critique overall demeanor and knowledge of the case. But it was a close call and both Conestoga and HTRS were congratulated on excellent performances.

Lindee expressed her feelings on the matter. “The outcome wasn’t what we wanted but I still feel like I can’t be more proud of what we presented […] because there’s no shame in that.”