No Shave November

Murray, NE- No Shave November is a yearly campaign to raise awareness and show support for those who struggle with cancer. The goal is to start conversations and grow people’s knowledge for cancer awareness. People will go without shaving for the entire month of November and this could start many conversations within itself. The No Shave November campaign works to raise money to donate back to cancer research and prevention.

In 2009, the Hill family started a facebook campaign to gain donations for cancer research. This small account became the much larger official No Shave November organization as it is known today. They were inspired to do such an act because they had a father pass away from colon cancer a few years prior. As of now, the official No Shave November organization has raised over 10 million dollars from donations.

To help show support, people all around the world will not shave for the month of November. The idea behind this is to save the money you might use on shaving products and donate it to cancer research instead.