One Act Team Gets Overall Win!

Conestoga One Act Team Comes Away With Win at Schuyler High School


Karissa Nickels

Actors perform a scene from Mandy Conner’s “Ago”

Murray NEB-At the first meet of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 9, Conestoga’s One Act team got the chance to prove themselves. Six other schools competed and offered great competition, but Conestoga put on an amazing show and took home a win. The team has, during the past three months, been working together to bring the script to life. Senior Lindee W. got an award for most outstanding actress and senior Wyatt R. got an award for most outstanding actor. Juniors Delaney D. and Ella L. and sophomore Evelyn M. received outstanding actor awards. This is the first time in all of Jessica Schlichtemeier’s 16 years of teaching at Conestoga that the One Act team has gotten first place.

The play follows Keraguan as she is to be initiated into her tribe of healers. However, as the day of the ceremony approaches, Kera begins to question her place in the tribe and if she will turn out like her mother, who left the tribe when Kera was a small child. Kera is filled with doubt and wonders if she can ever compare to her accomplished older sister Bepa. “Ago” is a mystical, inventive coming-of-age tale.

Seniors Lindee W.,Addi A. and junior Delaney D. are portraying three of the productions leading roles. Lindee W. is playing the main character Kera and Addi A. is playing the role of Oumamarie, who is Kera’s grandmother. Delaney D. is portraying Bepa,Kera’s older sister. The role of Ya, who is Kera’s love interest, is filled by senior Wyatt R., and junior Gage T. is playing the character Uzu,Bepa’s husband and the village shaman. Junior Ella L. portrays a crazy woman in the village named Ma’Dou and senior Hannah L., sophomore Dani A., and freshman Averie A. are the tribe’s ancestors. Senior Abby N. is performing the role of the Beast of Burden in the play. Eleven Cougars are portraying other cast roles in the production and twelve Cougars are filling key roles with the stage crew. The team has two more meets and is working hard to improve their performance.