Who’s Got Spirit? Cougar Mania!

Introducing the spirit club of Conestoga Jr./Sr. High School

Murray, NEB- When you go to a game at Conestoga Jr./Sr. High School, you will see a student section that is extremely loud. Those kids are Cougar Mania. This year Conestoga’s nurse, Tracy Andersen, started Cougar Mania, the spirit club. This club goes to games with posters to cheer on their student athletes. Since Cougar Mania started, the number of students at games has increased.

Starting Dec. 2, Cougar Mania will be dressing up for basketball games and wrestling tournaments. Throughout Dec. the dress up days are Hunting and Fishing (Dec. 2), Cougar Mania Shirt (Dec. 4), Hawaiian (Dec. 7), Christmas Sweater Night (Dec. 14), and White Out (Dec. 20). The themes for Jan. are Tye-Dye (Jan. 3), Outer Space Night (Jan. 4), Construction Crew Night (Jan. 6), Superhero Night (Jan. 8), Frat (Jan. 11), Jerseys (Jan. 18), and Class Color (Jan. 20). The themes for Feb. are Maroon Night (Feb. 1), Western (Feb. 3), and Black Out (Feb. 8).

Not everything is run by Andersen, though. “You kids all have such great ideas and I think the vision of Cougar Mania should really come from you guys and what you want for your school student section to be,” said Andersen. The students run the group overall, Andersen only assists them. Danie P. is one student that helps organize and schedule the dress up days.

Cougar Mania was made for everyone to be part of. Andersen said that Cougar Mania was not just a club, but a state of mind. She also said that the club is meant to create a “winning mindset” to develop students’ potential. This club shows school spirit and helps students feel a sense of pride and belonging in their school. They create an energy at games that lifts up their fellow students and brings the game to life. Cougar Mania has helped the students shift their mindset and has changed the game experience.