Volunteer Your Time This Holiday Season

Murray, NEB- When our school goes on winter break there is more to do than just sit inside and watch Netflix. Volunteering is an amazing way to get out of the house for a good cause. There are so many opportunities during the holidays especially. Even if you can’t find shelters to help out at, you can still do little things for people in your surrounding area.
Christmas provides opportunities to help children everywhere. Some families donate to Toys for Tots or sponsor a family for the holidays. There are many ways to help people in need without spending any money. You can, instead, volunteer your time and if you attend church you can always ask your congregation for ideas. Visiting senior citizens, going caroling, or anything to brighten up others’ days can be a great experience.
This time of year can be difficult for many people, it is the least we can do by improving small things in their lives. Spread the Christmas spirit to anyone that might need it this year so that we can come back to school feeling like we made a difference over break.