Myrtue Leaving Conestoga after 43 Years

Myrtue Leaving Conestoga after 43 Years

Murray, NEB-Conestoga is sad to see Andy Myrtue leave after working here for 43 years. Myrtue has been at Conestoga almost since day one, he was offered a teaching job here two years after Conestoga was built. Being here for such a long time, he has seen the school grow and been able to take part in it, creating Conestoga as we know it today. However, he is now ready to retire and explore new things. Myrtue will retire at the end of the school year.

It was the brand new workshop and opportunity to coach track that was the dealmaker for Myrtue. Ironically Myrtue and his wife only planned to stay at Conestoga for five years and then move somewhere else, but clearly that is not what happened. He has been the woods teacher, drafting and construction teacher, and coached practically all sports: basketball, track and field, baseball, and cross country. In later years, as technology’s presence in school increased, Myrtue became the school’s tech person.

When asking Myrtue about what changes he has seen over the years, he jokes about the building basically staying the same for 40 years. He said that the main change is that the school has gotten a lot more students and that staff has come and gone. Nonetheless, he is going to miss Conestoga.

Myrtue has enjoyed his time at Conestoga but feels like it is time for him to move on and get back to hobbies he enjoys doing like woodwork. He is also excited to have more time to spend with his family, especially his daughters and grandchildren. Further, Myrtue is dreaming about traveling more and exploring the country.

Undoubtedly, Conestoga is sad to see one of their beloved staff members leave but it is hard not to be excited for Myrtue and all the things he is going to get to do.