Conestoga School Board responds to Resignation and Elections

Murray, NEB – Conestoga’s Board of Education met on Tuesday Feb. 8th, in the High School Media Center. The meeting which lasted roughly 45 minutes was held in the specter of two big items, the resignation of school board member Dean Nickles and the upcoming election cycle.

The final item on the agenda at the Board of Education meeting was to consider, discuss and take all necessary action to approve the resignation of School Board Member Dean Nickles. Nickles had served on the Board of Education for 17 years, first taking office in 2005. Board President Allison Welch spoke briefly recognizing Nickles time spent working for the community and the district. No reason was stated for Nickles resignation but it was abrupt news for folks living in the district.

The second largest topic of the Board of Education is in regards to another election for a bond proposal. The Building Project Committee didn’t have final estimates or plans to submit to the full board just yet. However, they say they will have it for a special board meeting on Feb. 23rd. The Board of Education is racing down the clock as the County Election Commissioner needs the proposal by the March 1st deadline to make it onto the May ballot.
This year also marks Board of Education elections which weren’t discussed but will have an impact in 2023. The terms for board members David Duzik, Tracey Priefert and Jason Nolting expire after the November election. David Duzik & Tracey Priefert have filed for re-election and will be on the ballot in November. However, Jason Nolting has not and is fastly approaching the Feb. 15th incumbent filing deadline. Signaling this may be his last year on the Conestoga Board of Education.

At a special board meeting on Feb. 23rd, the Board of Education will consider applicants and make an appointment to fill the seat formerly held by Dean Nickles. The board will also consider and most likely approve a bond proposal to send to the County Election Commissioner to be put on the May ballot.

Other items discussed at the Feb. 8th meeting were an approval of the 2022-2023 school year calendar, a presentation from Ryan Burns on SkillsUSA, the resignation of social studies teacher Anthony Thies and administrator reports from school officials.

For this meeting, board members Allison Welch, Jason Nolting, Tracey Priefert and Candace Kelley were in attendance. Board member David Duzik was absent due to illness. Superintendent Dr. Johnsen, Elementary Principal Eric Dennis and High School Principal Robert Geise were also present.