Love is in the Air

School on Valentine’s Day?

Murray, NEB.-If you or someone you know attends Conestoga, then you probably know that there is no school on Mondays, ever! However, it changed this week. As of Monday, Feb. 14, the students will be attending school this day. To top this all off, this is also the holiday known by all as Valentine’s Day.

There is a reason that Conestoga has school on Monday this week. On Friday, Feb. 18, there will be no school taking place. This is because a few of the Cougar sports teams’ state competitions! Throughout the duration of Feb. 17 to Feb. 19, state cheer, dance, and wrestling will be put on. Students are excited to send off their athletes at the winter sports/state send-off pep rally on Tuesday, Feb. 15, where they will cheer everyone on and play games.

Along with having school this Monday, it is, of course, Valentine’s Day. People will be exchanging candy and gifts throughout the day to show their love for one another. People are dressed in red, white, and pink to show their dedication for this wonderful holiday. On this day, there will also be boys’ basketball games going on after school, so all of the Cougar fans need to show up and show their appreciation for our basketball players, and dress like cupid to be nice and festive.