Conestoga District Game #1

Murray, NEB.-On Monday, Feb. 21, Conestoga had their first boys’ varsity district game. This was against one of their closest rivals, Louisville. However, the game was held at Ashland-Greenwood High School, another one of their rivals. This was an intense game, and the fans were spirited, like always.

The game had a very close outcome with a score of 49-38. Not to mention, Conestoga also had their cheerleaders to help lift everyone off their seats. During halftime, the fans also got two state hip-hop dance routine performances from Louisville’s and Conestoga’s dance teams. They were both upbeat and had enormous energy. After they performed, everyone in the stands rallied for them and all the hard work they put into these routines.

During the second half of the game, of course, no one had lost their spirit. People were still on their feet and going crazy whenever Conestoga made a shot. The Cougars came out with the win and everyone was stoked. Since they won this game, they will get to advance to the next level of districts and play Ashland-Greenwood themselves, on Tuesday, Feb. 22. We encourage all cougar fans to come to this event, and cheer the basketball players on loudly!