2022-2023 Dance Team


Emory Trofholz

The 2022-2023 dance team enjoys a post-tryout dinner.

Murray, NEB- Last week, the Conestoga dance team held their tryouts! The returning members: Addie P., Emory T., Ella W., James Y., Sessa M., Piper I. and Sophia L., are so excited to welcome all five new members: KK J., Jozlyn K., and Elizabeth H. They are also getting a new coach, Katherine Bloch. The dance team is experiencing many changes this year and can not wait to see what the year will bring. This year they will have the largest team they have ever had with twelve members.

One of the most exciting changes will be the team getting a new coach. Angie Hogue has been the dance coach for fourteen years, and the returners are sad to see her go. They know that she will always be there cheering them on even if it is from the sidelines. Another new addition to the team will be new uniforms. The team gets new uniforms about every four years and they are looking forward to getting something fresh and new.

The tryouts consisted of three days of learning the try out routine and then after school Friday was the actual tryout. Morning practice for learning choreography is not something the team usually does, but it ended up working out well.
When Piper I. shared her thoughts about tryouts and the overall team she said, “I thought tryouts were really fun this year but very different. I’m so excited to have a bigger team.”