The Spectacular Ms. Schreiner

Murray, NEB- ReAnn Schreiner started teaching at Conestoga at just the young age of 22! When asked why she chose to teach at Conestoga she stated, “Conestoga was the first school I applied to and that four day school week man #blessed!” She, like most teachers and students, is a fan of the four day week Conestoga runs. Schreiner not only teaches Algebra 1, but also teaches Geometry; she teaches multiple grades as well. Schreiner’s favorite things about her job are her coworkers and students. She stated that she is “very excited to come back next year.” Apart from teaching she also coaches the high school softball team. “I have always loved softball. I spent a lot of my time in highschool playing and I coached a little while in highschool so I wanted to continue coaching.” Fun fact: in highschool she hit 17 home runs. She also hit one grand slam by accident!

Schreiner grew up and graduated high school in Gretna, Neb. She then went on to graduate college from Northwest Missouri State University. Schreiner majored in math because she became really good at math in highschool and decided she wanted to incorporate that into her life; but she didn’t always want to be a math teacher. When she was little she actually wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Her favorite subjects in school were Algebra 2 and American History, while her least favorite subject was English. In her free time Schreiner likes to golf, read and spend time with family and friends. One of her favorite things that she owns is her bento box and her to-go silverware that her step mom gave her. As she put it, “I can take this everywhere so I don’t use plastic silverware, I’m saving the planet!” Apart from being an amazing teacher she can also do some pretty interesting things, such as solve a rubix cube in under a minute and a half and do wheelies on her dirt bike.

“I think Ms. Schreiner is a great teacher and she always adds some humor for her students to make class more enjoyable. And she is really easy to talk to.” Raquel H said. I can agree with Raquel when she says that. Like Raquel, many other students find Schreiner to be one of the best teachers ever to teach at Conestoga. So on behalf of the student body I want to say thank you Ms. Schriener for not only making the school year bearable, but for also having such a huge impact on us!