Journalism Students Take on State


Allison Dworak

State Journalism Medalists

Murray, NEB- Recently our high school students competed in the 2022 NSAA State Journalism competition. Both our yearbook staff and journalism students were able to submit preliminary entries into multiple categories.

Preliminary entries were due March 1st and then those who had qualifying entries competed on April 25th. Certain categories required the in-person competition and both Danie and John had to compete on site in their respective categories. The contest took place at Northeast Community College in Norfolk.

Four students in all qualified for the state contest in five different categories. All four students placed in the top 8. These students include: John M, Emory T, Danie P, and Delaney D. John earned 6th place in Newspaper Column Writing and 3rd in Editorial Writing, Emory received 3rd in Infographic, Danie brought home 7th in Advertising, and Delaney received 6th in Sports/Action Photography.

For this only being the second year that Conestoga’s journalism students have competed in the state contest, they are exceeding expectations. The hope is to continue to grow the program and take more kids to the contest every year. If you are interested in either of the journalism classes and want to shoot your shot at a state medal, don’t be afraid to try it out!