Farewell Seniors!

Murray, NEB.- With the school year coming to an end many students are already thinking about how to spend their summer vacation before their next year here at Conestoga. Seniors, on the other hand, have something else on their mind. While returning high schoolers will begin to look for new clothes and the newest school supplies, the graduating seniors will be looking for college books, deciding who they want to share their college dorm with and deciding which schedule fits them the best.

Seniors are more than excited to finish their highschool career and begin to do bigger and better things but with this new found excitement there is also a little nervousness. “It’s a lot of pressure to know what you want to do in the future,” Heather F., a senior, stated.

Isabella B., another senior at Conestoga said, “I feel scared and nervous, it really hasn’t clicked yet. I feel like I’m going to school next week too. Don‘t waste your time on drama and fake friends. Time flies in high school so have fun while it lasts.” Isabella is right in that and I appreciate the words of advice she had to give. I, like many students, can not wait to watch our friends, family, and partners in crime walk across that stage. So on behalf of the whole student body I want to wish the class of 2022 a very happy and bright future. Congratulations on making it through a big milestone in your life and good luck with whatever may come next!