One Act Hold Their First Full Dress Rehearsal

Murray, NEB- Monday, Oct.17 Conestoga One Act team held their first dress rehearsal of the 2022 competition season. The title of this year’s One Act play is “The Wild Bunch Women”.

“I feel like for our first dress rehearsal we did really well and I really enjoyed it,” Piper I., a sophomore on the One Act crew, stated. The 2022 season has already seen its share of ups and downs for the One Act crew with things like props breaking and practices being rescheduled, but they are persevering. The crew has also welcomed many new members at all levels.

Competitions will begin in November with a pre-season dinner theater hosted on November 3rd in the high school commons. Friends, family, and the community are invited to enjoy a meal with the cast and crew.

The Cougar students are very excited to see where this play will take the Cast and Crew this year. Good luck, Cougars, with this year’s play