Recognition Rally

Murray,NEB- On Friday Oct. 28th, Conestoga held the quarterly recognition rally where they recognized students who are in activities like band, volleyball, one act and many more! The rally started with all the students filing into the gym and led off with Principal Rob Geise congratulating the student on a great first quarter.

To start off the rally Delaney D. and Jagger P. announced and gave out character awards to students who were voted on or recognized by students or staff with a total of 22 students. They then gave out honor roll forms to the students who stayed on honor roll all through the first quarter with a total of 35 high school students and 15 junior high students.

The rally then moved onto Jessica Schlichtemeier, the head director for Conestoga one act crew, thanking the cast and crew for the great first quarter and what to expect for the next quarter. Cassandra Vallis the band director then called all band members down to congratulate them on their great marching band season.

To end off the fun rally, five high school students and five staff members took part in an intense dodgeball game with the students taking the win. During the second Dodgeball game they brought down five junior high students to go against five staff members with the staff taking the win after a long intense game with Vallis going head to head against three students. In the end, she pulled through causing the students and the other staff to go wild cheering her on every throw and dodge along the way. Good job Conestoga for a great first quarter, keep up that energy for the rest of the year.