One Act Wins First Competition of Season


Jessica Schlictemeier

The one act seniors stand on stage after receiving their first place award

MURRAY, Neb – On Saturday, Nov. 5, One Act participated in a competition that was held in Schuyler. It was a long day for the cast and crew but the outcome was definitely worth it. Practices have been held almost everyday after school helping the students improve to prepare for their upcoming competitions.

The cast arrived in Schuyler around 11 a.m and competed at 3 p.m. Afterward the crew picked up the stage while the cast went to critiques. Awards were held at 5:15 p.m, and Conestoga pulled out the win for first place! Seniors got to make their way up on the stage to collect their first place plaque as the rest of the cast, crew and coaches were cheering for the victory. After awards were held, the students packed up all their belongings, still very excited about the outcome, to head back to the school.

There are a couple new actors this year and sophomore Piper I. says, “It felt so liberating to win our first competition of the season. It felt so surreal and it was awesome!” The whole cast was very excited for the win. They had worked very hard during practices and it definitely paid off. Piper also gives her opinion on her first year saying, “It is such a fun experience and I am very glad I decided to try it out! Everyone is so kind and welcoming, it feels like a small family.” One Act will continue to work hard and there will be more events to come.